As a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor, I work with a variety of counselling approaches to suit an individual, which is based in a here and now perspective.


 During counselling, we have the unique opportunity to explore feelings and life issues in a safe, trusting, genuine and non-judgemental relationship.  


I often think of the counselling room as an exploratory playground of life, because what often goes on in the room, goes on outside the room. It’s with this information, we together, may be able to highlight areas of certain patterns of thinking, behaviour and feelings.  This in turn will help raise self awareness within yourself and life in general to make different choices and gain a different perspective to change less positive patterns of relating and being.


Counselling can be a fascinating journey of self discovery and an opportunity to increase self awareness.  At the same time however, it may feel confusing and perhaps emotionally uncomfortable. I believe with commitment and continued support during our exploration, things will fall into place and allow you to be where you need to be with a clearer understanding.